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Tools: Stakeholder maps

stakeholder map squareWhat?

Stakeholder Maps visualise and understand the network and connects of an organisation. This method helps to see who is involved and at what level.


Stakeholder maps:

  • help to see where missing connections may be
  • see the value of current stakeholders
  • visualise organisational structure
  • team all have a shared picture of who is involved
  • helps team focus on users and the people involved


Stakeholder maps can be used at the beginning of the insight phase to get a big picture of who is involved in the project or service. They can also be used when developing a new service in order to think about who should or could be involved and at what level. They should be used to see how people are connected and the roles of individuals within the organisation or project.

Quick Guide:

  •  spend some time listing all stakeholders
  •  these can then be grouped or given a title
  •  place the stakeholders onto the map to visualise their hierarchy/involvement
  •  draw lines with to show the connections and relationships between stakeholders
  •  label the lines to describe the relationships between people
  •  draw bubbles/arrows from the stakeholders to show their involvement/roles
  •  don’t represent groups by a single icon – include everyone
  •  the map can be added to over time/as new connections are made

stakeholder mapping

To generate your own stakeholder map, download our Stakeholder map template

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