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Tools: Knowledge swatches

KnowledgeSwatch LogoKnowledge Swatches



Knowledge swatches are designed to enable teams to gather and synthesise insights in a simple and shareable format. They have a simple layout, highlight the salient points from research provide links to further information and can be used to support ideation.




One of the challenges in ordering research and development work is to extract useful information which is to extract useful information which is easily shared between diverse audiences. We can do this in reports and in online blogs however, being able to lay information out and move it around helps us make sense of connections and relationship and identify actionable insights.

What are the benefits of Knowledge Swatches?

  • They enable teams to gather information from desk and field research in a manageable format
  • They enable people to share information across their teams and organisations
  • They support analysis and synthesis of research
  • They help organisations to identify patterns and make connections across a diverse range of insight sources

The knowledge swatches in Better by Design are based on H5W – How, Who, What, Where, When, Why?


They can be filled in by hand, or digitally and can be used in workshops on wall displays or to support discussions.

They are available in A4 format and can be downloaded  here: knowledge_swatch_A4-3.

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