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Sam Law from Tullochan blogs on how the process has been for her so far…

bbd icons new-15The big one for me is that Better by Design feels like it’s had an impact on the whole of Tullochan’s staff and not just the change team.  We have a weekly ‘sit-down’ with staff and it feels like people aren’t just thinking so much about their own projects nowadays.  The change team ran a staff development day recently, where we tried out some of the tools and techniques the Better by Design team have been using with us… and we got a great reaction!  We got loads of good feedback from everyone on all of the projects and we also got some great forward thinking on what people want Tullochan to be in the future.

For all of my time with Tullochan, I think we’ve always been a forward thinking team who share everything with each other… we’re all always on the same page. The Better by Design experience has made us all more aware of that and how we can use our awareness and ability to reflect on what we do to make Tullochan even better at what it does.

Some of the reflection and feedback we’ve shared with each other recently has really been quite humbling.  With all that we do together at Tullochan, it can be easy to forget the impact we can have on some young people’s lives. Like lots of others, we’re very busy, so to stop together and think about what we do in the ways we have recently is amazing.

Funding will always be an issue, but you know what, we have the talent here to meet challenges like that head-on. I guess the future for Tullochan doesn’t feel so ‘unknown’ to us now and the frameworks we’re learning through Better by Design are really helping us to think better, in spite of being so busy! We have the right skills to take Tullochan into the future and we all know, deep-down, that the sky’s the limit for us. We all bring different strengths to the team, but we’re all very similar in our passion to get our work further out into the community we’re all part of.  Better by Design is just helping us to do that…

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