Advisory Team

Better by Design is delivered by a partnership between The Young Foundation and Taylor Haig, funded by BIG Scotland. The learning partner is Research for Real and Animate.

big_lotteryfundedBetter by Design is a Big Lottery Fund Scotland programme.  Big Lottery Fund Scotland is investing in Scotland through a range of funding programmes, from small grants programmes like Awards for All to large strategic programmes like Investing in Communities. The Scotland team develops and manages a range of funding opportunities for organisations across Scotland. It currently manage a range of grants across Scotland totalling around half a billion pounds. BIG Scotland provides a range of support for projects, including a dedicated enquiries service, training for grantholders and workshops and events for enquirers, applicants and grant holder.


Taylor HaigTaylor Haig adopts a design-led, place-based approach combined with better use of information and technology to support communities and organisations in their creation of platforms for fundamentally improved public service.  It believes that it is time to create a new model for public service that changes the relationships between citizens and services and the organisations that provide them. This model places citizens and communities at its centre. It believes that for a new model for public service to emerge, there needs to be radical change in how citizens and organisations behave and engage.

Lynne 1 copyLynne Wardle

Lynne, who co-owns and is a director of Taylor Haig, is an experienced facilitator and service designer.

Lynne’s career in strategy and organisational transformation spans industries, sectors and continents. She has held senior client-side roles in financial services, retail and consultancy roles.

More recently, Lynne has turned her attention to the public sector. Having gained experience in local government, central government and regulators, Lynne formed Taylor Haig to focus on transforming public services.


Richard Hewitt

Richard co-owns and is a director of Taylor Haig.

His first career as a soldier spanned 20 years, culminating in command of one of the British Army’s elite airborne units. Prior to this he held a series of counter-terrorist, peace support and strategy development appointments, taking him across the globe. After leaving the Army in 2005, he spent five years in the senior transformation role in a large local authority. It was from here that he went into Taylor Haig as Managing Director and has since taken co-ownership of the company. Now, through his work with Taylor Haig, Richard is interested in using design-led, collaborative approaches to challenge convention and address inequality.

karen 2

Karen Lyttle

Karen is the Engagement and Service Designer at Taylor Haig.

Karen has completed her Masters in Design for Services at DJCAD, Dundee where she worked with the V&A at Dundee and Dundee City Council to develop their community engagement strategies. Karen used service design tools and methods to work with stakeholders and businesses to connect with their users and communities during Dundee’s bid for the UK City of Culture 2017. She also worked with the digital community of Dundee to involve them in the developments of the V&A at Dundee.

Previous to this, Karen studied Interior and Environmental Design where she designed and developed a travelling pop-up pavilion that promoted and connected local businesses and events to the surrounding community and people of Dundee.

2e321d9Lorri Smyth

Lorri is a Service and Engagement Designer at Taylor Haig, where she draws upon her experience across Service Design, Surface Design, Community Arts Facilitation and management. She creates opportunities for people to participate in research and collaborative design processes that are both enjoyable and meaningful. Her approach to creative problem solving is driven by an enthusiasm for creating and strengthening social connections and enabling everyone to find their inner creative spark.

Hazel 2Hazel White

Hazel is an Associate Senior Designer with Taylor Haig.

As a practitioner, researcher and educator she works with people in public, business and the third sector to use their knowledge and creativity to improve services. She has worked with telecom companies, healthcare providers and public accountants to enable design and creative thinking to be at the heart of transformation.

Hazel runs an innovative masters course in Design for Services at the University of Dundee and is on the advisory board of the UK Service Design Research Network.



The Young Foundation is a leading international centre for social innovation.  It works with the public and private sectors and civil society to strengthen their positive impact on communities. In the last five years it has launched 60 programmes and 138 publications across the world.  It uses the tools of social research, disruptive social innovation, venturing, strategic design and movement building. Above all, The Young Foundation listens to people, putting what they think, feel and believe, their aspirations, their experiences and their lives, at the heart of everything it does. The Young Foundation takes its name from the social entrepreneur, activist and pioneer, Michael Young. For over 60 years, Michael brought together collaborations of the brightest, the best and the most innovative to solve social problems. His legacy includes the Open University, Which? and NHS Direct. The Young Foundation exists to continue and build on Michael’s work.

Louise 1Louise Foreman

Louise, an associate at the Young Foundation, is undertaking bespoke research for the organisations, and supporting them to develop engagement and participation.

Louise’s role focuses on mobilising and coordinating The U’s network of Guests and Hosts in the community, with an emphasis upon improving user experience. She also assists with the design and prototyping of new learning sessions and supports the ongoing development of the project through tracking feedback and social impact measurement.

Louise is interested in the use of design to improve public services.

radhika 1

Radhika Bynon

Radhika, a programme lead at the Young Foundation, is facilitating organisational health assessments and supporting organisations on impact evaluation.

Radhika is an experienced programme manager with a background in education. Most recently, she worked for The Schools Network leading a national programme supporting schools to deliver strong community programmes, working with school leaders in over 1,000 secondary schools.

She has led several voluntary organisations and is trustee for Asha Trust supporting projects in Sri Lanka, Community Links, a large charity in East London, and the Forward Foundation.

SusieSusie Finlayson

Susie is providing overall coordination for The Young Foundation’s work on Better by Design, as well as bespoke research.

Susie has experience of working with the voluntary sector, carrying out research and identifying interventions for replication for a range of social issues, focusing on the prevention of young people entering the pathways to offending.

Prior to joining The Young Foundation Susie worked in care with young people and adults with mental health problems and learning disabilities.


research for real

Research for Real is a social and action research consultancy, based in Edinburgh, with a network of UK wide and international associates. It has an established track record of delivering high quality, thoughtful and practical research and consultancy projects.  It thinks about research differently and aim to promote learning for people, organisations and communities by building evaluative, learning and inquiry processes into our everyday ways of doing things to support social change.

cathy 1Cathy Sharp 

Cathy established Research for Real in 2002 after a varied career in the conduct, commissioning and teaching of applied social research and evaluation. As a leading practitioner of action research in Scotland, she aspires to change the ways that practitioners think about research and researchers think about practice.

Cathy works with a wide range of public and third sector organisations, networks and communities that are interested in social justice and organisational change, and has a strong interest in collaboration in all its forms.



Animate is a consultancy agency which aims to support organisations seeking to make a real difference in the world to do so both more efficiently and more effectively. It knows knows that the right kind of organisational development interventions, which include training, action research and facilitation, at the right time, can be extremely useful for both leaders and their teams.

Jo 1Jo Kennedy

Jo is a lead partner in Animate. She has consulted to organisations in the health, social care and faith sectors both nationally and internationally for the past 20 years. Originally an arts graduate, she has since trained in systemic thinking and group analysis. She uses participative processes in all her work and is particularly interested in communities – what they are and what makes them flourish.

Her current work includes an action research programme on community assets and health improvement in Scotland.




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